Video Shizzle

The 5d mark 2 came out and ….

….everyone went a bit nuts. It shot video, but when it first came out it didn’t do it very well, wrong frame rates, no control over anything. But large sensor HD video in a camera you already own, who wouldn’t be happy. Canon released a firmware to fix a number of the problems, at the time the main one being no manual control over exposure.

The reason everyone went nuts was simply the ‘look’ of the video, a very difficult thing to define. One aspect of the look is the depth of field in dslr video it is very narrow, something we do in TV with a Pro35 adaptor. (Or by using a motion camera specifically designed to shoot that way).

So why use a mahoosive camera with a heavy adapter an crazy expensive prime lenses when you can shoot with a £500 camera? Several reasons.

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Here are some pics what I have taken this year……Part 1……

Haven’t been able to get out and shoot as much as I wanted this year due to one thing or another so here are a few that I did manage.


I had been talking to Sharon about a shoot for ages,finally got together at Smile Studios near Lincoln and did these.

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Monika and Joceline

I spent a fun weekend shooting Monika again and then meeting Joceline. I sorted out another shoot at Smile Studios in Lincoln with Monika, I wanted to do some more natural light shots and I wanted some geeky, quirky expressions. Monika is perfect for this as she can do the serious look and then dive straight into cut and quirky.

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Yep, another awesome shoot with Raphaella. We spent the morning shooting some video which will be the subject of another post, but we spent the afternoon shooting stills. This is the reason to work with really good models, the work rate and variety that can be shot in a day is amazing.

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Catch Up

Lots of beer, pizza and Cheesy Wotsits have been consumed since the last update, so here are some more piccies and some stuff about how I did shoot them……yes beer prevents correct usage of the english language.


I had shot a couple of motion portraits and I wanted to do some more, this post isn’t about that though, it’s about the stills I took on the same day. On the whole the stills were taken with exactly the same lighting setups as the video, so it is all natural light, continuous light from Kinoflos and reflectors.

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Half a year delay

Oops, not kept this thing up to date. Not that anyone reads it of course, but it’s nice to think I am not just talking to myself…..

Since my last update I have shot loads, so here is a quick rundown of what, and why and a bit of how….


I had been trying to get outside of the studio a bit and shoot in real locations, this set was shot at the models house, I went for a naturalistic, slightly voyeuristic look by framing in the door, I directed Chloe to ignore the camera for a number of shots and then engage.

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Tanzanite Natural Light and Police Chases

Well I wanted to try more natural looking location images. So a church, a derelict mansion house and some old railway lines seemed to fit the bill. Who would have thought we would get chased by  a police helicopter for our troubles! The model is Debs from Net model

We started in an old derelict church, where apparently an old king of Patagonia is buried! Okay the image isn’t just natural light, it has a speedlight through an umbrella to add a bit of direction and contrast.

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