Katy Pectin November 2009

This shoot was another studio day at Barone’s. I had taken some of my best shots at the last on with Monika so I was ready to push myself a bit. This time Katy Pectin was the willing victim…..I mean model…..she is an amazing model, great fun to work with and so well toned I had a sudden urge to stop eating and start running a lot.

My intention for this shoot was to do some art nude work, initially the ideas in my head were for some low key, shadowy images. But we tried a few more styles in the time we had, again I managed to cram a huge amount of shooting into just two hours and came away with a huge number of shots again.

I shot a few barely clothed images, going very much for the Helmut Newton style image, but I haven’t finished editing those yet so I will talk about the vest shot.

The vest in question has been used at Barone’s on a number of shoots and has been stretched and twisted and pulled about in all sorts of ways, including making a dress for another model! The image above was shot with a single light source, a beauty dish set high on a stand far off to camera right, this allowed the light to fall off nicely on the backdrop giving a nice shadow and a good grey tone that worked nicely with the desaturation in the processing.  Katy flung her hair over and lifted herself slightly off the chair giving a nice dynamic quality to the shot.

The post processing was very simple, a couple of small blemishes were removed, and the colour was desaturated.

The next vest shot was a completely different style, I claim no responsibility for the lighting on this. Barone showed me the setup and I fired a few shots.

It’s quite nice stealing someones talent…eeerm I mean being inspired by them 🙂 I have found the best way to learn is to listen and take on board anything people are willing to share with you. Luckily John is generous and willing to share his knowledge. The above shot was created by placing two polyboards in front of Katy, two softboxes behind and a further bare flash right behind her, that is the one you can see flaring in the camera. It results in this amazing soft light that wraps the model completely, gives cat like catchlights in the eyes and requires no post processing….fantastic!

Next up were the art nude shots, I went in with my intention of getting some low key shadowy shots and came away with a much better variety. The joy of shooting with Katy is that she could throw out an endless array of stunning poses that just worked perfectly for the shots.

The above image was exactly what I had set out to do. Capture a really strong set of shapes with light and shadow. The setup was very simple. there were two large softboxes behind and either side of Katy, they provide the rimlight, giving all the shape to the body, then there is a very low powered light in front and to the left of camera. The light in front gives a small amount of fill to make sure there is some detail towards tha camera and also helps the skin texture and quality. Yet again there is bugger all Photoshop in the image.

The second set of images I decided to go for a softer looking light but still maintain the shape.

The main lighting setup was exactly the same as the low key image, the high key look was achieved by simply turning up the power of the front light. This dropped the contrast ratio and gave more even tones to the image and also spilled more light onto the background. The two rim lights are still there so Katy’s shape still stands out on the background.

Another bit of top notch advice from Barone resulted in the next image.

The lighting setup was exactly the same as before but Barone removed one of the window covers in his studio and let the natural light come in, this meant some changes were needed on the camera setting. For studio flash shots my camera is set to 1/125 to sync with the studio lights, but this shutter speed would be too fast to capture the natural light falling on the backdrop, so the shutter speed was changed to 1/60, this opens the shutter for a longer period of time and allowing more of the ambient light to be captured. The aperture stays the same as the flash duration is so short it still captures tha same amount of light from that, the flash being the dominant light source in the image.

Overall I am very happy with the set of images, more of them can be seen here.


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