Okay this is in the wrong order but never mind, the following images are from my second to last shoot of 2009. I had shot Janine earlier in 2009 and she approached me again later in the year to organise a shoot with a good variety of styles.

2nd to last shoot of 2009

For our next shoot we set out for some fashion styled images so Janine sorted out a variety of outfits, and we also found a nice hat for a prop at the studio, so that made it into a few images too. The first few we tried were some Calvin Klein style jeans ads, Janine had seen an image of Brooke Shields that she liked so I aimed for the stark contrasty look that was in the original image.

I am quite chuffed with the effect, keeping it simple is sometimes the best, the lighting on this is simply a single light on Janine with a beauty dish on to camera right.  There was a single light on the back ground to help blow it out for the processing. The photoshop side of things is also fairly simple, a layer to remove blemishes on skin and clothing, this is done with the healing brush, I always keep a copy of the original image at the bottom of the stack so I can easily get back to it if I need to.

An adjustment layer was set up with curves to control the contrast, a saturation adjustment layer was added to pull out some of the colour, especially the reds then the final part of the process was to use unsharp mask on the jeans to make them really jump out, a mask was added to this layer and painted out on everything but the jeans, the effect can look good on faces but it didn’t really work with this type of lighting.

We shot some slightly bonkers sequined shorts, and used a couple of fur coats also found at the studio, the lighting was being done by a softbox almost alongside the model, and a reflector board on the opposite side. Looking back I should have gone for a much harsher lighting style, either butterfly lighting from above or maybe a more textured background. The processing again involved controlling the contrast more than anything and an irregular vignette was added by painting a layer mask with a filled layer.

Then we moved onto some black and white images, the first of the three is another really simple lighting setup, a beauty dish set high and just to the left of the camera, look at the full size version on flickr and you will see the butterfly shadow under the nose, the lighting style is really good for accentuating cheekbones.

The shiny dress image was lit with two softboxes to either side and slightly behind the model, and a smaller softbox providing a tiny bit of fill infront, the models pose creates loads of shape as she has turned into one of the lights.

The processing included the unsharp mask technique again which really made the dress pop out, I also kept some of the effect around the eyes to really make those stand out. The last image here is actually one of my favourite, I believe the word is ‘quirky’ we had the jeans and cardigan back from a previous set of shots and we found the hat in the studio, the intention was to use it for some shots later on with a smart jacket but I got the image in my hear of a simple standing pose, head tilted but the hat still on straight.

The lighting was still the three softbox setup with the small front light turned up a bit to fill the face more, processing was all about increasing the contrast, again trying to make the eyes pop (as odd as that sounds). 🙂

The final image here was taken with a single light, this was to focus the brightness around Janine’s face and allow it to fall off across the rest of the image, the light was positioned to catch the triangle on the cheek that is turned towards camera, lighting this way narrows the face. I like the way the light has caught the hair too, although it is a similar colour to the background it manages to stand out. The set can be seen here.


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