Another shoot at Barone’s studio in Wolverhampton. Shooting two people in one day.

Cody responded to a last minute casting call that I put out as the model I was going to shoot got a job on a feature film! So I changed my planned shoot into some wintery fashion shots.

I tried some new photoshoppery on these, after any other processing had been carried out I merged down the layers and added an unsharp mask, this brings out all the edges in an image and gives a ‘punchy’ look, in these images it has made the eyes really stand out and enhanced the texture. I have had some feedback and I need to improve my lighting, too frontal and too flat. I had forgotten the basics, creating shape with the light. The rest of the set can be found here. Clicky Linky!


In the afternoon I shot Karen. She arrived with the biggest suitcase of clothes and accessories I have ever seen, could have shot for a week and not got through it all! Emily had been at the studio all day doing the makeup, and for Karen’s shoot she also did the hair styling, adding a bit of volume and shape.

So makeup, styling and hair all make a massive difference to the photos, now if I can just get my lighting correct everything will be perfect! Processing for the above also used the sharpen technique, the detail added by this was cut out a little in the hair and any places where repeated patterns would cause distortion. The rest of the set can be seen here. Clicky Linky.

Steph Owens

This one was done on a different day. A freezing cold day, in a freezing cold gym. But it’s nice to shoot in a real location every once in a while. Steph is another model I got in touch with through Purestorm, she has access to a couple of gyms for shoots, and puts me to shame with the whole fitness thing as I have just cancelled my gym membership. I also worked with another makeup artist, Karen or Simplydivine.

I wanted to add a few fitness and gym shots to my portfolio and I also wanted to shoot with some more colour. So I went OTT and banged a purple gel onto one of my speedlights. The gym had some really nice backdrops including a brick walled room as seen in the image below, there are also two big windows in the room, but the day started out dull so I couldn’t get much light from them. The image below has Steph putting on the hand wraps ready to beat someone to a pulp 🙂

The light is coming from my small speedlights, one to camera right pointing down, it is a bare flash, so quite harsh. The light on the background is another bare flash with a purple gel aimed at the back wall and allowed to spill onto Steph. Processing was fairly simple, I cropped the image down a little, dropped the saturation just on the skintones and kept the red of the bandage and the purple background, some slight retouching as Steph was bruised from training (see I don’t go to the gym anymore because people keep coming back injured)! A slight amount of sharpening was added and that was that.

Another shot from the same area had a very similar setup but the colour was removed from the light and the back light aimed more at Steph, the light was cut away from the background with one of my homemade flags and velcro attachments.

The processing was a bit harsher on this shot, with a lot of contrast added and more sharpening at the final stage to add more punch (doh). The red was desaturated a little to fit with the grittier and more subdued feel to the set.

The next shot is  a simple three quarter portrait. The lighting was set with a shoot through umbrella to camera left and a bare flash behind Steph to camera right, there was also some ambient backlight from the large skylights in the gym. The sun had come out a bit at this point.

Processing on the image included desaturating the colour quite a bit to make a subdued image, some dodge and burn (with curves) was added to Stephs cheek, forehead and arm and some contrast adjustments were made for the overall look.

The last image I have worked on at this point is a shoot through and mirror reflection shot. I had to go to my 70-200 to get the perspective right, using a wider angle meant that I was in the shot, the makeup artist was in the shot and all my lights were too. So narrowing the field of view was essential. The set up is very simple, a single light is set up to camera left, close to the mirror and pointing towards Steph, she will block the light from my viewpoint which prevents flare.

The processing for this one involved some colour adjustments to try and get away from the digital look, saturation and image smoothness were played around with until I got the look I wanted. I think I should have got Steph to hold both weights in shot though…The set can be seen here. Clicky Linky.


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