Ivory Flame

This weekend I headed down to Oxford to shoot the wonderful Ivory Flame (Holly) she has a fantastic classical look. Combine that with the amazing backdrops around Oxford and a great little studio space and the result was 616 photographs which I had to whittle down a bit!

The shoot was in two halves, we started off around the pale stone walls of the buildings and alleyways around Oxford, using the grand carved doors and pillars as backdrops, most of this was shot with natural light or a combination of natural light and a speedlight on a ttl cord. A large number of these were shot in the shaded areas out of direct sunlight, the pale stone walls act as great big reflectors! Some were shot using the direct sunlight as a back or sidelight giving a great golden glow to Holly’s hair, which is already an amazing shade of red. The light was constantly in and out of cloud so balancing the natural light and fill in flash could get a bit tricky. Generally I set the exposure by spot metering just off the brightest part of the hair around the backlight and fired the flash between 1/3 and one full stop under exposed.

I hadn’t fallen over, the idea with this shot was to make the building loom in the back ground. I think it looms, do you think it looms?

The second half of the shoot was in the studio, the owner had a massive beauty dish in a box, it looked like it had never been used, so I crammed it onto the main light and started setting up. Most of the studio shots were done with just the beauty dish, a few had 1 or 2 backlights used as kickers on Holly’s hair. We also used the natural light in the studio for the last few setups. I had been finding on previous shoots that the full frame depth of field can be a real issue when shooting with minimal amounts of light, I was trying to find the right balance, most of the natural light shots were between f4 and f5.6, even then the sharp area is measured in mm!

And the natural light shots.

More shots can be found on my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulottey/sets/72157623431313365/


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