A couple of short posts for now as I need to catch up a bit. I shot Bella in Stoke which is a good backdrop for gritty urban style shoots, lots of concrete and old houses, and er bags of rubbish to fill out the background…..

The above was shot using the sun as a backlight and a large beauty dish to fill, the sun was very bright so the power of my battery flash was being pushed to the limit a bit. Processing was a bit of contrast adjustment,removal of some wires in the background and adding a subtle white flare around the image.

The next one in the same location had a lot more processing to the contrast and colour to create a slightly odd look to match the harshness of the sun.

Even more fighting with the sun, I decided to include it in the frame. The fill is coming from a ringflash I could barely see through the viewfinder with the amount of light that was coming in, but I like the flare and the pure chance that a con trail speared the position of the sun. The white flaring around the edges was added afterwards.

Then we went on to the bikesheds which I have used before, so I shot a few different angles, I had not used my big battery flash here. Really simple set up, allow a bit of ambient in for fill, then bosh the light in at the side to create shape and choose angles and poses that lengthen the legs. Bonus. 🙂


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