I was approached by Sapphire as she had seen some of my black and white shots and was looking for something similar, along with some more glamorous shots for her portfolio. So I got Gaynor in to do the makeup and styling which guarantees good images, I just have to press a button then 🙂

The first set of shots I was aiming for a really burnt out look with the natural light, allowing it to fill the image a bit too much and creating a nice glow around the subject. The technique is very simple, use the natural light as a backlight and overexpose it by 1 to 1.5 stops to burn it out then fill as necessary with a flash, in this case a bare beauty dish, this means the foreground won’t fall into shadow. Then in Photoshop boost the white with the levels control and paint in a few splodges of white around the edges of the window frame to remove a little more detail.

For a constrasting set of shots with the same outfit I started with a really simple one light shot, a gridded beauty dish pointing down and across the model which produces a really nice contrasty black and white image.

Then a few shots with more lights, well one more light, using the beauty dish without the grid for the main light I added a gridded flash behind for the hair light. I moved Sapphire further away from the wall to aid separation and the hairlight picked out Gaynors amazing styling.

Then I took a few shots to show off Sapphire’s amazing long legs, two shots that were a very similar pose and lighting but changing the backdrops and processing made a huge difference to the final image.  Both are lit with a beauty dish from a similar angle, almost front on and then slightly to camera right. The first shot has a laundry set in the background and the processing has had most of the colour removed. The second image has a plain black background and is presented monochrome which makes it much more punchy.

More from the set can be seen here Flickr Linky


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