Tanzanite Natural Light and Police Chases

Well I wanted to try more natural looking location images. So a church, a derelict mansion house and some old railway lines seemed to fit the bill. Who would have thought we would get chased by  a police helicopter for our troubles! The model is Debs from Net model

We started in an old derelict church, where apparently an old king of Patagonia is buried! Okay the image isn’t just natural light, it has a speedlight through an umbrella to add a bit of direction and contrast.

These were all natural light though.

I also wanted to start adding more depth into my shots, out on location you are rarely limited by space, no back wall to hit. Maybe the odd cliff to walk off though! No such danger in this part of Derbyshire though, so I got out the long lens and zoomed all the way in, making sure there was foreground, midground and background in the composition.

So with that concept in mind we headed off for some railway tracks and shoot something with a loose narrative….I’m not entirely sure what the story is but it definitely requires a beautiful woman in her undercrackers putting on some boots….

Then as we were shooting these last few sequences we were finishing up on the railway lines and were joined by an uninvited guest…

…we had finished shooting, packed most of the gear in backs and a police helicopter buzzed past. We thought nothing of it until it returned and hovered over us. It stayed with us for the whole walk back to the car, I thought about getting a shot but I don’t think they would have appreciated having a 200mm Canon pointed at them. On arrival at the cars two knackered looking police officers who had just run around a reservoir looking for us. Apparently someone had phoned in that three suspicious looking people were heading off down the railway lines to commit murder or a bit of terrorism…..We offered them a cup of tea and had a chat about other good locations in the area, they also thought the chopper was a bit of overkill….


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