Catch Up

Lots of beer, pizza and Cheesy Wotsits have been consumed since the last update, so here are some more piccies and some stuff about how I did shoot them……yes beer prevents correct usage of the english language.


I had shot a couple of motion portraits and I wanted to do some more, this post isn’t about that though, it’s about the stills I took on the same day. On the whole the stills were taken with exactly the same lighting setups as the video, so it is all natural light, continuous light from Kinoflos and reflectors.

The above was taken in the corner of Barone’s studio, with my favourite natural light coming in from camera left, this bounces around the three white walls and fills the shadows, but I also had two large poly board reflectors and a kinoflo to my right at 45 degrees to increase the fill and lower the contrast in the image but maintain the shape. with that light I could get 1/160 at f4 ISO was only 125.

I shot a whole range with the same lighitng setup, it lights the whole area which means you can be flexible in where you shoot from and where the model moves to. I kept some of the colour in the image above, I love the look of the soft lighting and the desaturated colour.


Dynamic, lithe, tall and beautiful. Nope I am none of these things, that is why I stay behind the camera, seriously try and find a picture of me where I am not hidden behind something. Luckily Iveta is dynamic, lithe, tall and beautiful.

She also like heaters 🙂 So I left it in the shot. The above image is really simple, beauty dish off to camera right and nothing else, processing is simple some healing brush on the background and a little desaturation on the colour, that is all it needs.

The same goes for the above image, keep it simple, this shot has a flash added for fill, it is a beauty dish placed a long way across the room so the light has plenty of room to spread around, the area is surrounded by three white walls so it bounces the light around loads.

The above image was a bit of a test with my Raw software, the shot was a test from a sequence. The aim was to flare the light and keep detail in the front with reflectors. I pushed the exposure and contrast as far as I could on this image and desaturated, I quite like the final look.

This image shows the look I was aiming for, much softer less contrasty and a much cleaner look overall, I kept the colour temperature warm so the whites look slightly orange and the skin tone looks healthy.

I went the opposite way with the colour temperature on this image, the lighting is natural light, reflectors and a beauty dish firing in from camera right. the two objects in frame are fans. I flared the natural light slightly from the window that is just out of shot to give the washed out appearance in the image, using the flash kept the contrast on Iveta. More from the set can be found here.


Choppers on location. After my first shoot with Alix we thought the chopper theme should be done on location. So we scouted a few out around Wolverhampton, purely by accident we found the broken down old building that we used. It was a proper crack den too, full of needles and stuff. I only take people to the classiest places.

As you can see, the previous residents looked after the place….Lighting was natural through the windows and a single flash from the opposite side and slightly behind, that gave some shape and definition and prevented Alix from dissapearing in the background.

With just the natural light a more contrasty and dramatic image can be achieved, I chose to finish quite a lot of the images where Alix’s eyes were obscured by the helmet.

We also found some funky woodland by the side of the road, not sure what the other people in the layby thought when we headed off into the woods with a bag full of weapons, but no police helipcopter this time so it must be a normal occurance in the area. All natural light, desaturated colour, I chose to shoot mid move to make the pose look a little more dynamic. It looks like she is walkiing in one direction and is mid turn.


I shot with Scarlett at a studio day at Barone’s, it was during the winter travel chaos at the start of the year and I ended up shooting later on in the evening, which meant I couldn’t use the wonderful natural light. I had to get the flash out…

The above image is shot with a really simple setup, two large poly reflectors either side of me, pointing in towards Scarlett, two softboxes behind firing into each reflector. This gives the rim light and a very soft flat light from the front, add in the desaturation and it results in a really clean look.

Then I went for a completely different style, grimy, gritty and a little bit dirty. Add a gaudy red carpet, a random chair on the floor and process the image loads and the above is the result. The light is fairly flat from camera left, but the falloff concentrates the light on Scarletts face, then the contrast in the processin gmake the image look punchier.

The gritty style was also the aim with the above image, using the shadow to hide the model, the eyes and the hair almost obscuring her face. Lighting was a beauty dish with a grid positioned high up pointing down towards Scarlett, the height was kept in the image as I think it balances it nicely with her crouched pose and the red carpet filling the bottom quarter of the image.

More coming soon when I stop eating cheesy puffs and get some editing done……


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