Yep, another awesome shoot with Raphaella. We spent the morning shooting some video which will be the subject of another post, but we spent the afternoon shooting stills. This is the reason to work with really good models, the work rate and variety that can be shot in a day is amazing.

First up is an ultra simple natural light image, the bedroom window at the fantastic Smile Studio has light coming in from the front and two sides, so it gives a great wraparound light, I pulled the blinds down on the back part of the window to control the amount of light and to soften it a little. The light from the side windows then frames Raph against the backdrop, the processing is simply a case of removing most of the colour.

The light means I can leap about the room shooting from almost anywhere and Raph can work in the whole space without limitation, in the above image the background is slightly overexposed as I adjusted to make sure there was detail captured at the front of the image. The slash of light on the floor is a little annoying, but these images are shot in a very fluid way, so it is about capturing the moment rather than the ultra perfect image.

I like the vent in the shot, lots of people said get rid of it, some people said keep it. I framed it in on purpose so it stays 🙂 I shot a number of images in this sequence with loads of space in the frame, I also tried to use the crease in the wall as a framing element. What I think is amazing is how Raph can make a blank expression look really interesting. The light was really simple, a single flash head aimed up at the roof away from Raph at a 45 degree angle. This gave a really soft even light with a slight amount of direction to create shape in the image.

Exactly the same lighting but a much closer shot, I love the wallpaper in this room, the processing here is designed to work with the really soft light and the slight colour in the wallpaper. The only real change in Photoshop is a drop in the saturation, otherwise the shot is pretty much out of the camera.

The two images above are both shot with the ringflash, the light is coming from the camera position so shadows are all but eliminated, this gives a really even tone to the image, but I have kept the crease in the wall in as a compositional element again, I just think it creates an interesting line through the image. The two shots are processed with different colour settings, both have noise added but the upper image has warm tones and the lower cool tones which I think suit the expressions better.

Raph does a bit of glamour! The two shots above were shot in the amazing tiled bathroom at the studio. Crazy green tiles and retro styling. I loved the backdrop but went back and forth  a lot on how to light it. Directional light didn’t seem to work as the bathroom is long and fairly narrow, so not a lot of places that lights can go. So I went for the ringflash which REALLY brought out the green in the tiles. The processing for the images above involved some exposure and contrast changes, a slight warming up of the colour temperature and then adding a slight white vignette around the edges of the image. More from the set can be found here.


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